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Integrating the holistic, innate, and evidence-based

The birth of your child is the most transformative and momentous journey that deserves to be supported and nurtured. No matter how your baby arrives earth side, every family can benefit from having a Doula and a Midwife educate, support, and capture those sweet and priceless moments. As your Doula or Student Midwife, I am there for you every step of the way. Contact me today, to learn more about my services, and how I can help you bring your own child into this beautiful world and capture those priceless moments.


How I Got Here

My own pregnancy and postpartum transformation opened my eyes to this beautiful and transformative experience. Through my own experiences working in healthcare and as a gestational parent I saw and felt the need to serve, and transform pre and postnatal care as we know it.  I see pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family as one of the most beautiful parts of humanity. As a Doula and Student Midwife, I am privileged to help women and their partners make these experiences as positive and healthy as possible. And it’s never surprising to me when another scientific paper proves the positive impact a Doula and the midwifery model of care can have on the birthing parent and family. I am proud to have received my certification locally and to be serving families in the St. Louis area.

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